3 Great sites for ITGS news articles

Reading technology news articles is an essential part of studying ITGS, and an important tool in preparing for the paper 2 exam, which features an unseen news article. Students must be familiar with the latest developments and examples in technology, and able to read and analyse articles quickly and accurately. News articles can also make useful lesson starters or extended reading.

Sites like the BBC and the New York Times are used by many ITGS teachers, but here are three less well known technology news sites that often include relevant articles or offer a deeper examination of many ITGS issues.

Source for ITGS news articlesCommunications of the ACM

The ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) covers a wide range of technology related topics. Some of the articles on their site at the moment include Redesigning the Data Center, which examines the environmental impact of data centers used by large companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

Source for ITGS news articlesSmart Planet

Smart Planet (not related to IBM’s Smarter Planet) tends to focus on the very cutting edge of technology. While some of it’s articles may not be suitable for ITGS because the technologies mentioned are not yet out of the labs, others such as Police computer predicts crimes, but is it accurate? can make for great classroom discussions.

Source for ITGS news articlesEd Tech Magazine

As the title suggests, Ed Tech focuses on information technology in education. Many of the articles on are quite short, making them less suitable for paper 2 practise. However, they often cover multiple sides of important technology issues and as such are very useful for classroom debate and lesson starters. The site also features a quite a few infographics.

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