3 Black Friday technology deals

Black Friday technology deals

Seagate 500 GB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive

You can never have too much storage space – especially when it comes to backups. These Seagate external hard drives offer plenty of space and a USB 3 connection (though they also work with USB 2 ports), which is plenty of speed for backup purposes.

Black Friday discounts for Seagate external hard drives mean you can get a 500GB model for $49.99 – pretty good value. The 750GB and 1TB models are even better value – the latter being $89.99.

Griffin Survivor Extreme-duty Military iPad case

The Survivor iPad case really is “extreme duty”. My school uses them for all of its iPad and (once you get the case on) they really can withstand a lot of abuse (I’ve seen several dropped with no ill effects at all). They are waterproof and dust proof, and cover the ports as well as the screen. Perfect for children.

The cases are available for the iPad 2 and 3, and are reduced from $79.99 to $34 for Black Friday. 

Laptop Best Sellers

If you are looking for a new or replacement laptop, Black Friday technology deals could make now a good time to buy one. Amazon have discounts of $150 or more on their best selling laptops, ranging from relatively modest computers to quite high specification ultrabooks. They are definitely worth a look, and never know what you might find…

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