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5 ITGS news articles to start the new school year

August 25, 2019 itgsnewsauthor 0

The new school year is starting for May schools, and another group of ITGS students will start the course. I always find a good way to help understand ITGS from the outset is with some contemporary news articles that they can analyse using the ITGS triangle. Here are four ITGS news articles to start the new school year.

Computer security glossary

Computer security posters

November 7, 2018 itgsnewsauthor 0

Posters and infographics are a great way to decorate a classroom. The National Cyber Security Centre has security advice posters on a range of ITGS topics.

Big brother infographic

ITGS classroom displays

June 28, 2018 itgsnewsauthor 0

These 5 infographics make excellent classroom displays. Covering issues such as hardware and privacy, they are suitable for IB ITGS and Computer Science.