4 More TED Talks for the ITGS classroom

TED talks for ITGS

All Your Devices Can Be Hacked

This extremely interesting talk discusses the security vulnerabilities in many modern devices that feature wireless networks, including implanted medical devices, car networks, police radios, and voting machines. The attacks described in the video, including disabling pacemaker devices and taking over control of a car, have all been successfully executed as proofs of concepts – some great fodder for class discussion which links to many areas of the ITGS syllabus.

The Curly Fry Conundrum: Why social media likes say more than you might think

“Likes” on social media sites like Facebook may reveal a lot more about you than you think, including providing the ability to predict characteristics that have nothing to do with the pages you view. Links to many areas of the ITGS syllabus including databases and the Internet.

Why Privacy Matters

Alessandro Acquisti presents a talk that reveals what exactly can be done with your public social media data when it is combined with facial recognition software and AI routines…

Your phone company is watching

Malte Spitz discusses the collection and retention of mobile phone data. The talk links to the databases and the Politics and Government area of the ITGS syllabus and features some great visualisations that show how large amounts of data can be combined to build up patterns about people’s lives. Where do people live? Where do they sleep? Are they having an affair? All of these and more can be predicted from captured call data. So many ITGS social and ethical issues are raised here…

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